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4 out of 5 stars

Here's another Subic eatery to whet your appetite....and it's prices are very, very reasonable. That's why during peak hours, you always have to wait in line for at least half an hour for a table. My good friend's family part-owns this place, and even she can't get a table herself, haha! What resto am I referring to? Meat Plus, of course!

You haven't completed your Subic eating journey till you've stopped over this place. Up and running for more than ten years, it's considered a veritable out-of-town steak tradition. Made to look like an upscale canteen, you pay and order in the front counter, then the food is served to your table.

You'd be a fool not to taste their steak. Meat Plus supplies meat to most of the places in Manila from delis to restos such as Mamou and Tender Bob's. Steak is actually what you go here for. But if you're not into eating steak, they have other dishes, too. Though I wouldn't think it's anything remarkable. I mean, it's good, but it's taste doesn't linger in your memory unlike their premium steaks.

With the steaks, you can get the local budget ones ranging from 225-250. I like to indulge and get from the chiller to the side of the counter, where they keep their USDA Angus ones from Australia or the US. Angus is just a type of hornless cattle, while USDA graded means that the US Department of Agriculture inspects it, where it gives its stamp of approval to only 2% of the steaks out there. From highest to lowest, we have USDA Prime, then Choice, then Select, with Prime having much more marbling and younger cattle, leaving the meat buttery, juicy and flavorful.

I think I had the Australian Sirloin (500+), which I slathered their homemade gravy can be seen from the picture. I love java rice, but apparently, it makes a pretty bad combo with the steak, which is why I kept on reaching for Pao's plain rice from his plate.

The steak was awesome, even if it was just USDA Select, because the meat was so fresh and tender. To be honest, there's not too much technique in the way they cook their steaks, cooking mine a little to well when I said medium. But with meat like this, how could you go wrong? You can even just pan-fry it and it would still taste rich and velvety! And for just 500 pesos for a huge slab of meat, who am I to complain? Here's another shot of the steak for posterity's sake.

Pao got the same order, and even if it doesn't look as appetizing in the picture, he had a bigger slab, and I thought his tasted better (You always want what's greener on the other side, haha).
These pictures came from two separate trips to Meat Plus when I went to Subic twice within the span of one month. Our other friend from my "MAS" trip also got his from the chiller. It's a ribeye steak with garlic rice, and it looks absolutely appetizing. Look at the great grill marks on those!

I think it was Micah who had the local Topsirloin Steak (255+), the most prized part in the sirloin area. She had to resend hers to the kitchen because the inside was raw. As I said, the staff may not have the most skillful chefs, but their meat is certainly worth raving about. And check out the prices....they can't be beat!

I was surprised some of my friends got other dishes apart form the steak, but there it is! The following pictures are posts of their other food:

Meat Plus Burger (110 PhP)
2 beef patties, tomato, cheese and bacon

Beef Stew (195 PhP)

Baby Backribs Platter (250 PhP)
with java rice and coleslaw

Grilled Boneless Chicken (130 PhP)
served with steamed rice and mixed veggies

I wasn't able to take a picture of Da'Bomb, but this is a must-order siding from Meat Plus! It's not in the menu, but they know how to cook it. It's basically thin slices potatoes baked with tons of cheese, heavy cream and butter on a ceramic ramekin....mmmmm---mmmm! It's definitely a guilty high-cholesterol pleasure, but since you're splurging on a steak meal anyway, might as well go all out, then exercise the next few days ;)

As I said, your Subic trip would not be complete without passing by Meat Plus! It's down-home comfort food, with friendly and efficient service, and low, low prices to boot!

Meat Plus MENU. Click on the pic below to magnify.

Meat Plus Part 2


Building 65 Sampson Road
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Zambales 2222
tel: (047)252-7091
fax: (047)252-6365

10am to 9pm


TM™ said...

right on with the java rice comment. i did enjoy the baby back ribs. M+ steaks go well with IBC rootbeer!

graey eats said...

I didn't know the rootbeer tandem, will drink that next time, noni! :)

say said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm doing some research re: Meat Plus, because my friends and I are planning to eat there next week. We took MeatPlus for granted back when we are doing our Legenda Hotel OJT. Ngayon lang ulit kami babalik. =)

graey eats said...

Yay! Glad to dish out new recos :) you won't be disappointed! (though you probably went there by now and enjoyed it, haha)

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