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4.5 out of 5 stars

There are so many restaurants that I've been to without having blogged about. Some I've been to regularly. Others are so special that even if I've been there only once, i definitely knew it was blog-worthy. But there are reasons why I don't write about all of them. The most obvious one would be the lack of time. If only this were my real job, I'd be able to spew about an article per day! :) The next is that some restos have been pending for such a long time, that I prefer not to write about it. As much as I remember the taste and descriptions of the food within 6 months, after that, I might be inaccurate with my comments. That has happened with restos such as Cookbook Kitchen, Swagat and Kikafuji (which is why you don't see them in my blog yet, but I highly recommend trying them out, too). Finally, I might not be able to write about it simply because I didn't bring a camera. Which is actually the most irritating reason, especially when my fingers are itching to write about it.

A good example would be Angel's Kitchen. I've probably been to this place more than ten times, since it's one of my favorite cafes. And yet, in all those times, I DID NOT BRING A CAMERA. Sheesh. So I'll just have to make do with phone pictures. And borrow from other bloggers. Please bear with me.

Background info: Since I used to be in greenhills a lot, this would be the default dinner place when I don't feel like blowing off cash. This can even be a default dessert place (if you're into "lava cakes"!). This place has personally weathered a relationship, several friendships and a year in law school. Like a friend, it has seen me up and and has seen me down. But that's another story, haha. Enough drama, and on to the restaurant :)

The interiors are nothing to rave about, just having your bare essentials. It almost looks like an upscale cafeteria, since there are long dining tables. But fortunately, they're not communal, and you don't need to go to the cashier to order. It's not just simple, it's also neat, using big white papers as tablecloth, and has that fresh and flowery smell of being constantly cleaned.

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The menu is pretty straightforward; this is down-home cooking after all! Before you even get your order, they serve you with melba chips and chicken pate with pistachios. They are also kind enough to serve you with your own personal bottle of water along with your glasses. I have previously said in my Mamou article that I'm not fond of melba chips. But let me retract that statement. Instead, I'm not fond of Mamou's melba chips. It turns out you don't have to be in a high-end restaurant to eat great melba chips. Out of all the restos I've tried, I like theirs the best. Plus, I've never really been fond of pate. It's always been my sister who devours packets of imported ones from gift baskets, spreading them on to Zweibacks hoarded in our pantry. But I just love Angel's Kitchen's version! It is more spreadable, has a less fishy taste, and you could even see the small pistachio bits in it! Truly, this pate is pate-hater friendly! Best part is, they have a small deli store up front by the counter where these are one of the pinoy gourmet delicacies that they offer. You can even order dishes to go for parties at home!
melba chips and chicken pate with pistachios
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During this visit, I ordered gambas al ajilio with chorizo bits (250+ PhP). What did it for me was the chorizo, haha! The dish is exactly as written. Shrimps cooked in olive oil, garlic, some lemon juice, spring onions and parsely. The chorizo bits were minced, and for some reason, did not blend well with the shrimp. But we still finished it anyway since chorizo is chorizo. I found the dish quite oily, and I probably won't experiment ordering an appetizer again, since I find it quite pricey (the main course nearly cost the same as appetizers, and they already come with rice!).
gambas al ajilio with chorizo bits

As main, this is one of my favorites. I probably order this every other time I eat here: Mandarin Orange Chicken (300+ PhP). It is basically crispy boneless chicken drenched in a citrus sauce, with candied oranges on top. And unlike the candied apricots in the Lamb Shank found in Lemuria, the oranges taste fresh and complements the dish so well! I eat some of the candied fruit with the chicken, similar to how I eat atchara. There are so many good things to say about this dish, the best being that the chicken skin still stays crunchy even with the sauce on top. And it comes with its own glass cup of rice!
Mandarin Orange Chicken

Here are some other dishes that other bloggers got to order as main (300 peso range):
Asian Beef Salpicao
Taken from:

Roast Chicken with Pineapple
taken from:

Pinakbet Rice with Bagnet
taken from:

Finally, the dessert is pure icing on the cake. Although there are others to choose from, I always, ALWAYS get the Chocolate Lava Cake a la mode (120+ PhP). Seriously generous with their ice cream and chocolate drizzles. Cake baked perfectly moist on the inside. As Pao says, "It just hits the spot." Enjoy! :)
Chocolate Lava Cake a la mode

Here is what another blogger got to order as dessert:
Chocnut Cappuccino Mousse (P138, for a slice)
Taken from:

FYI: I think this cafe is owned by a Chinese family. Added to the fact that their location is near ICA and Xavier, expect a lot of Chinese families to dine here.

Angel's Kitchen
57 Connecticut St.,
North Greenhills
San Juan

*Reserve if you're a lot
Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 10:30 am - 10:00 pm
cash basis only


banonymou said...

WARNING: guard your chips and pate with your life. one waitress has a habit of getting it off the table prematurely. :P

Tahn said...

Wow seems like a nice place to eat.

bern said...

my bestfriend took me here and i love the orange chicken. i went back with my good friend patty and went back the week after with my sister berry. i also liked the uni/unagi shitake pasta. reminds me of my favorite dish in segafredo in gb4 before. ms.restolicious, you should meet my friend grace. she's a food fanatic like yourself.
p.s lets try basilio's.

Anonymous said...

havent tried this place...
will be posting abt basilio's in the next few days:)

graey eats said...

tahn: yup!!! try it at least once. I think the mandarin chicken is the best dish already, though. Happy eating! :)

sakai: i read your basilio's review, and we got exactly the same things you ordered! But we went there months ago pa when it opened cos the owner is a friend

Anonymous said...

angel's kitchen is tops in my book!!! love the softshell crab salad..i ate it everybody for a spell last month..


graey eats said...

andrea: I've tried that one, too, and it is good! :D Would've wanted more color to the salad though, they just put all greens then the crabs. but the crabs themselves are so good!

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