Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rockets Sausage Sandwich

I'm not a big fan of hot dog, being more of a burger gal, myself. But when Pao got me this take-out hotdog sandwich, I was hooked. And you have endless combinations to choose from. But I prefer the "Cubana Chicken [garlicky sweet sausage] on Whole Wheat with Honey Mustard and Carmelized Onions." It almost mimics the "Asian Spring Chicken" in Outback that is finger-licking good (hey, isn't that KFC?! :) I know the combination sounds weird, but believe me, it isn't like any hotdog that you've tasted. This dog is made of chicken, so it's more tender than normal beef dogs. The last one I got that people would normally prefer, which was "Kielbasa with Chili Beef and Cheese," wasn't as great. The sausage was kind of tough, and that seemed to make all the difference.

So go try a ROCKETS DOG today! It's easy:

1) Pick a whole wheat of a white bun.
2) Choose your sausage:
or all-meat hotdog:
3) Then choose your add-ons
4) and sauces from the choices below....
I ate mine in less than five minutes! hahaha

Cubana Chicken on Whole Wheat with
Honey Mustard and Fresh Onions


Ground Floor, S&R
E. Rodriguez Ave., Libis
Quezon City


Anonymous said...

putting bacon bits on my cubana chicken next time :D

TM™ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TM™ said...

was laughing by myself when I read at the end of your entry: "links to this post." anyway....

i am now disappointed for not trying out the coffee shop in zambales that serves huge soft tacos. but as you summer's near. and the drive to subic isn't as tiring since they constructed the SCTEX.

hope your exams went well.

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