Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe

2 out of 5 stars

I know a lot of people love this place, comparing it to Cookbook Kitchen or some other homey restaurant. I, however, did not enjoy my stay here, as the service was incredibly horrible, and the food nothing to gush about. I would rather look for the nearest Pancake House or House of Minis, which is right around the corner near this place.

I ordered the Roast Turkey (280 PhP), while Pao ordered the Salisbury Steak (quarter for 160 PhP, half pound for 215 PhP). As can be seen from the picture, the turkey serving was a lot. But I guess it’s made to look like a lot, but be tasteless at the same time. They just cover it up with a whole bunch of gravy.

Roast Turkey

And apparently, they did the same “technique” with Pao’s Salisbury Steak hamburger, too! Though I have to admit, his meat tasted better than my turkey (though the turkey’s supposedly the specialty). To make you forget about the meat, why not tandem a big scoop of mash potatoes with an even bigger scoop of rice? If you want to feel full with starch, this place is it!
Salisbury Steak

Speaking of the starch family, their desserts are supposed to be great here. That I didn’t get to try. Maybe I’ll have a better review on them once I’ve tried it. Oh well, at least their green iced tea rocked!
pastries by the counter

Menu. Click to magnify.

Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe
Pasig Branch
106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Brgy. Ugong
Pasig City
Tel: 914-0833
Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Makati Branch
G/F Unit 14 Tropical Palm Plaza, Perea cor. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 840-4299
Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm


Sakai said...

my experience here as a bit better. My server.. sorry forgot his name was very attentive to our needs.
Food... hmm.. not really something to brag about.. I dont understand also why they pair two starches with their meals...

Anonymous said...

remember when we ate at that sucky place in silvercity? this italian resto? this is where i originally wanted to eat coz i read it in click the city. so its not good rin pala.

Anonymous said...

b! hahaha - p

Anonymous said...

hoy p. i hecht you.

Anonymous said...

b! you snore like a man! - p

Anonymous said...

i know. im so cute no?-b

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but I really enjoy their food, especially their Lengua. It's definitely better than Pancake house.

graey eats said...

Anonymous November 27, 2008: that's good you had a better experience. My service was just bad, and I guess it ruined the whole experience

Anonymous said...

you know what else is incredibly horrible? your pictures.

graey eats said...

Anonymous January 28, 2009: I was never a photographer, nor do I assert it.

I just love to eat, and I share my experiences gratuitously. If i have an opinion, that's strictly my own. Everyone has a right to free expression.

eng said... seems my comment was not posted. My apologies if it ends up getting posted twice.

I don't think the photos are bad, especially since you're probably just using a regular point and shoot camera. Besides, it's not like you claimed to be a pro!

I had dinner at Mom and Tina's a few months ago. The food was decent. The service was for the most part friendly and satisfactorily efficient. I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

I wish I knew how to email this place as I'd like to give them some tips on how to handle flatware, plates and glasses in a better (more hygienic) way :)

I do wish that people who insult bloggers would at least leave their names. And really, why bother? So you don't like the photos...just move on.

graey eats said...

eng: thank you for that! It makes my day to know that there are considerate websurfers and foodies like you!

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