Wednesday, January 16, 2008

KFC's Original Recipe Ultimate Sandwich

Pao and I have been stuffing ourselves silly with this yummy fast food staple: KFC's Original Recipe Ultimate Sandwich. Piqued by all the ad hype (yes, Bern, Mark and other advertising execs out there --- we're part of the stat that always fall for 'em!), Pao got his mom to drive through a sandwich for him....and the rest was love at first bite.

Imagine mixing a yummy chicken fillet with lettuce, cheese and a slice of round deli bacon.....slathered in barbecue sauce and stuffed in between a kaiser bun (a bun that folds inwards at the middle) --- it truly hits the spot when you want a fast chicken fix without messing your your fingers picking up whole chicken pieces.

For the price of 120+ PhP with drink and their thick-cut fries, it's a reasonably priced meal that Pao and I hope will be a permanent mainstay in their menu. Though several may have lukewarm reviews on it, we honestly believe that you'd be a FOOLtimate sandwich not to try it! Hopefully, they can have an option to put more cheese and bacon in the future, though....wishful thinking....


banonymous said...

it reminds me of Carl's Jr.'s Double Western Bacon Cheesebooger. weh weh weh :D

Ruy said...

I've never trie the original recipe ultimate but the hot and crispy one was an obssession for a while.=)

grey eats said...

banonymous: sayang, never got to try that :/

ruy: yup, that's a good one, too! :)

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