Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Les Gavottes

I probably can't do justice describing this French cookie-crepe compared to the company's own, so I just stuck and pasted it. If you find some of these in any duty-free outlet or when you're traveling in Europe or the US, be sure to get some if you're a crepe lover! A brief description:

Crèpes Dentelles - Les Gavottes - Crispy Brittany crèpes
Probably the thinnest cookie in the world ... These extremely thin buttery crèpes are rolled into delightful cookies that will delight the most discerning gourmet. Served with dessert as a crunchy counterpart to ice cream, sorbets and mousses or simply presented over coffee or Champagne they are also used crunched in many pastry recipes to replace "Feuilletine". Light and crunchy they are prepared using only natural ingredients and bring out the reminiscent flavors of their native Brittany.


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