Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Burgers

Named Good Burgers because they're good for your health, these burgers never tasted so delicious and guiltless at the same time! From burgers ranging from 65 pesos to 120 pesos, they are very reasonable alternatives to the unhealthy McDonald's experience. (on average, a person will spend 150 PhP with drinks and fries)

You have several choices to choose from:

1) the bun ---> white or whole wheat bun. I often choose the whole wheat cos it doesn't taste any different from the white.

2) chicken pattie or veggie pattie ---> Wanting to be health conscious, I chose the veggie pattie. Talk about tasteless! I ordered it in two separate ocassions (a year apart) and remembered why I shouldn't get veggie pattie here to begin with. I'm telling you, stick to the CHICKEN PATTIE.....it is much better!

3) the size of the pattie ---> You choose between good, better and best, with best being the biggest pattie. I just get good and I'm already good (no pun intended!).

4) the toppings ---> I love the toppings in this place because they have the most creative combinations: Cheesy Mushroom, Salsa Mex, Garlic Barbecue, Silly Burger, Herb Delite, Persian Burger, BLT, Caesar's Burger, Bacon Mozza Melt, Margherita Burger and Three Cheese. I personally like the garlic barbecue, persian burger and the silly burger. Though the waiter will always say that the best sellers are the bacon mozza melt and the margherita, they're nothing compared to the other three.

Persian Burger
(Gia's most favorite topping)

Bacon Mozza Melt
(looks unappetizing, but just wanted to show how much mozzarella they put!)

my favorite --- Garlic Barbecue

5) drinks and add-ons ---> I guess since they're a small specialty burger joint, they don't offer much drinks except for the ones in cans and mineral water bottles. If you get take-out, and you're in greenhills or Pasig (near Libis) anyway, it wouldn't be hard to get lemonade somewhere else. Moreover, if you're into spicy food, you'd love the cayenne wedge fries as much as I do! It's not pretend spicy food....it is genuinely and deliciously hot! If you can't take the heat, there is always its regular counterpart. But don't be corny. Get cayenne.
Cayenne Wedge Fries

2 Branches:

(and they put the burgers in aluminum foil, so it stays hot!)
Good Burgers
Greenhills Shopping Center
Level 1 Connecticut Carpark, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila
(02) 723-4663 or 723-GOOD

Good Burgers
(02) 671-4242 or 671-GBGB


banonymous said...

"i just get good and i'm already good." wahahaha

by the way, minimum delivery of P30o

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chicken pattie tip. I would have definitely gone for the veggie pattie too otherwise. hehehehe.

Bong said...

wow okay, thanks! maybe it'll be worth a shot. :) thanks again

Anonymous said...

go to taste the chicken variant.. pretty good and filling...

graey eats said...

whiffandasip: it took me two mistakes to firgue that out :s

bong: no problem! Keep up with your blog :) i'm a reader, too

sakai: yup, that one's good :)

TM™ said...

happy birthday good blogger! good luck with the bar.

there's a new good burger branch in the sikatuna area.

Anonymous said...

good burger good for the tummy...

sikatuna branch number: 435-4663

Anonymous said...

this should be best burgers not good burgers!:) btw good burgers joined the banchetto event at emerald ave. every fridays 11pm-11am. check this out!

graey eats said...

noni: thanks for that info! see you soon! :)

both anonymous: thanks for the tips! :)

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