Tuesday, June 6, 2006


3.5 out of 5 stars

10 am and drinking Champagne already!?

For those who haven’t tried this restaurant, the best time to try it would be SUNDAY MORNING, for their CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH BUFFET! All you can drink mimosas or champagne coupled with a mouthwatering array of food, who could ask for more? And when i mean mouthwatering, trust me, I’m serious about it.

My Candid with AppetizersLet’s start with the appetizers. There was smoked tanguingue, asparagus spears with poached eggs, tomatoes with goat cheese and orange segments, oysters, pate, different cheeses (bleu, camembert, gorgonzola, brie paired with walnuts, grapes or crackers), whole wheat tortilla wraps with sate sauce and 2 kinds of sushi.

Mic's Appetizer PlateA Toast to Samanthas!

Candid Maita with ChampagneThere were also three kinds of salads, the yummiest one being the eel on lettuce with sesame seeds. There was also a prawn salad on green mangoes and another typical garden variety. One may also go outside and order seafood salad at the live cooking station, but I wasn’t so fond of this dish because the seafood smelled fishy. Perhaps the raw ingredients were exposed outside for too long.

Candid Mic with M BenedictOf course they wouldn’t leave out the requisite cereal station, nor the pancakes and waffles, although I must’ve skipped these carbo-filled items to make room for more decadent dishes. One not to miss would be the roast beef slathered with spicy mustard and horseradish paste and kielbasas with 2 kinds of gravy, all tucked in one “meat-eating” station; the Chinese station where they served peking duck wraps and siopao; the usual egg omelette station; the “m benedict,” station, where they serve their version of eggs benedict by torching the hollandaise sauce on top of the poached egg and ham in front of you, (really yummy and really FATTY, though my only criticism was that the bread was sort of stale); the congee station as well as the Filipino station where they served longganisa, tapa and tocino with garlic rice.

Candid_bea_with_congee_1I’m almost sure that as I’m typing this, I’m forgetting the other dishes that were offered. It was really funny because every time my friends and I would come back to the table with a new plate, we’d compare dishes we took and would try to outdo and compare the combination of dishes that we’ve chosen. The breakfast stations of M Café extend all the way to their outdoor area, thus, it would be easy to overlook some portions that your friends might have “discovered.”

Full and HappyFull and Happy

To cap off the meal, finish off with their malagkit deserts such as puto, kutsinta and sapin-sapin. For the chocolate addict in you, there’s always the chocolate fountain fondue that can be dipped with a numerous variety of ingredients: mini-cookies, mini-brownies, marshmallows, bananas, mangoes, etc., as well as the crepe station that serves this yummy dessert with vanilla ice cream.

The meal is 750 PhP exclusive of tax and service charge, so be prepared to shell out money. Our bill amounted to around 900 net per person, and if you get drinks other than fresh juices or champagne, they’re added charges.
Pretty pricey, but certainly a meal that won’t be forgotten, especially when coupled with good friends and good conversation. Make this your next venue for your get-together with girlfriends. You’ll be amused when they start playing the “sex and the city” theme in the background ☺

Be sure to reserve!!
M Café
Ayala Museum, Greenbelt 4
Makati Ave. corner dela rosa St.


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